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Jugular vein

Synonym: Restrictive vein
German: Drosselvene

1 Definition

Jugular veins are smaller veins which, by their characteristics of distinct sub-intimal bundles of lengthwise aligned muscles, are capable of reducing their lumen actively. Due to this ability, they can serve as barrier device.

Beyond that, in the german language the german correlating terms are especially used for the following veins:

2 Background

Restrictive veins are reducing the blood drainage from the associated capillary bed. This kind of veins are ocurring primarily in the mucosal tissue of the intestines and inside of the adrenal medulla. Concerning the intestines, a restriction of the venous drain results in an extending amount of blood inside of the intestinal tissue and consequently an extended time of nutrient resorption out of the intestines into the circulation.

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