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Jostel's TSH index

German: TSH-Index

1 Definition

Jostel's TSH Index (also referred to as TSHI, JTI or Jostel's Index) is a calculated structure parameter of thyroid homeostasis. It quantifies the thyrotropic partial function of the anterior pituitary lobe[1]. It is based on the logarithmic standard model of thyrotropic feedback control.

2 Calculation

Jostel's TSH index can be calculated from TSH and FT4 concentrations that have been determined from the same blood specimen. The equation is

  • TSHI = ln(TSH) + 0.1345 * FT4

In addition, a standardised variant has been defined that can be calculated with

  • sTSHI = (TSHI - 2.7) / 0.676.[1][2].

3 Reference Range

Parameter Lower Boundary Upper Boundary
TSHI 1.3[1] 4.1[1]
sTSHI -2[1] 2[1]

see also: GT, GD, SPINA

4 References

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