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Infratemporal fossa

Latin: fossa infratemporalis
German: Fossa infratemporalis

1 Definition

The fossa infratemporalis is located inferomedial to the zygomatic arch and deep to the messeter muscle and ramus of the mandible. The infra temporalfossa is connected superiorly to the temporal fossa and through the pterygotemporal fissure to the pterygopalatine fossa.

2 Boundaries

  • Medially: lateral pterygoid plate
  • Laterally: ramus of the mandible
  • Anteriorly: posterior surface of the maxilla (tuberosity of the maxilla)
  • Posteriorly: tympanic plate, mastoid and styloid process of the temporal bone
  • Superiorly: inferior surface or greater wing of sphenoid bone
  • Inferiorly: no real border (place where the medial pterygoid muscle attaches to the angle of the mandible)

3 Content

3.1 Nerves and ganglion

3.2 Arteries

3.3 Veins

3.4 Muscles

4 Communications

The infratemporal fossa comunicates with the middle cranial fossa via foramen ovale and foramen spinosum and through small foramina with the upper teeth.

5 Reference

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