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Hip muscles

Synonym: muscles of the hip, hip musculature
German: Hüftmuskulatur

1 Definition

The hip muscles are made up of a group of skeletal muscles which are located at or around the hip.

2 Arrangement

The hip muscles cover the hip joint as a muscle sheath. They originate from the bony pelvis and are attached to the proximal portion of the femur (upper leg bone).

Depending on the situation, with the pelvis in a fixed position the muscles move around the thigh, and with the thigh in a fixed position the muscles move on the pelvis. Thus, the hip muscles are of central importance in standing and walking.

The hip muscles are topographically and functionally divided into:

  • inner hip muscles
  • outer hip muscles
  • deep hip muscles

The thigh adductors similarly impart their effects mainly on the hip joint. They can on account of this also be counted as hip muscles. Since their muscle mass is not located in the pelvic area, but on the thigh, they are counted by some authors as part of the thigh musculature. They are also listed by some authors as an independent group of muscles.

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3 Classification

3.1 Inner hip muscles

3.2 Outer hip muscles

3.3 Deep hip muscles

3.4 Adductor group

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