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German: Frailty

Synonym: Frailty-syndrome

1 Definition

In the medical context the term frailty is used to describe a geriatric syndrome. It presents with a general increase of susceptibility to exogenous stressors (overtaxing, restlessness, diseases, etc.) for older patients. Conversely it can be viewed as reduced resistance against stressors and their effects. Frailty is the result of both physiological processes of aging and its pathological consequenses.

2 Classification

In order to consider frailty to be present at least three of the following five symptoms have to be present:

3 Prevalence

Exact epidemiologic numbers are unknown.

4 Typical Diseases

Frailty can especially be expected to be present along with the following illnesses:

5 Pathophysiology

Frailty patients commonly present the following laboratory data findings:

6 Therapy

The therapy is centered around the reduction of the associated risk factors. A combination of strength training and coordinative exercises have been shown to be helpful. Also endurance training and healthy nutrition have been shown to reduce the risks. Optimal therapeutical management of already existing illnesses also helps to reduce the risk or effect of frailty.

7 Sources

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