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from the Latin: floccus - knob or tuft of wool; flocculus - a little knob or tuft
German: Flocculus

1 Definition

The flocculus (plural: flocculi) is a visible lobe on the lower surface of the cerebellum that belongs to the vestibulocerebellum.

2 Anatomy

A flocculus lies as a lobule (small lobe) on the front lower side of each hemisphere of the cerebellum on the caudal edge of each medial cerebellar peduncle. Together with the cerebellar nodulus the flocculi form the lobus flocculonodularis.

The flocculus receives afferents from the vestibular system and assists in the control of equilibrium and helps with body orientation in space. In particular it helps to stabilize gaze during head movements and assists in pursuit movements using the eyes.


Specialties: Anatomy

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