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1 What is the Flexikon?

The DocCheck Flexikon is an open medical dictionary to participate. It is administered by its users. With this principle, we have in the German version at the time over 45,000 medical articles, over 12 million Page Views per month and more than 450 authors of all specialities. If you want to support your collegues and students with your know-how or show your medical expertise, you can join us in the Flexikon any time you want.

2 How can I participate?

In our user guide you can find information about writing, editing or updating articles.

3 Any more questions?

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions.

#2 at 05.12.2021 from Monika Pecharova (Alternative / Non-medical practitioner)
I´m considering using your Flexikon for a paper I have to write for school. My sources have to be reliable, serious, reputable, and accurate. Is that the case with your page here and why? Thanks in advance.
#1 at 30.07.2020 from Niklas Sinn (Student: Other study courses)

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