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Flexikon - The flexible lexicon

1 What is the Flexikon?

The DocCheck Flexikon is an open medical lexicon aiming to provide as much knowledge as possible. The English version of our Flexikon has been around sind 2005 and already comprises 845 medical articles which are written and kept up-to-date by the DocCheck users.

If you want to share your medical knowledge with fellow colleagues or medical students, you are more than welcome to write articles in the DocCheck Flexikon. To get started, simply visit our Flexikon User Guide and get some practice on our playground. There you can learn how to create and edit articles.

Go ahead and make your personal medical knowledge available to the public!

2 How can I contribute to the Flexikon?

The Flexikon User Guide provides you with plenty of information on how to write, improve or update articles.

3 Any questions?

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Flexikon.

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