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latin: extremus - the outermost
Synonym: limb, member
German: Extremität

1 Definition

The term extremity describes the limbs of the animal body. With respect to humans the human arm is referred to as an upper extremity; the leg is described as the lower extremity. The outermost endings of the extremities are defined as acral. In the broadest sense the endings of an organ or a bone are called "extremities" as well.

2 Anatomy

With regard to extremities, two parts can be distinguished. Both extremities have a "fixed" part which can be described as "extremity girdle" (cingulum) and serves as the fixation point of the extremity on the trunk, and a "free" part (pars libera), that is to say the part which is actually moveable. According to this, the classification is denoted as such:

Specialties: Anatomy

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