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Extensor digitorum longus muscle

Synonym: long extensor of the toes
Englisch: Musculus extensor digitorum longus

1 Definition

The extensor digitorum longus muscle is a skeletal muscle of the lower limb. It forms part of the anterior group of the lower leg muscles.

2 Devolution

2.1 Origin

The extensor digitorum longus muscle has a very broad origin at the lower leg. Its surfaces of origin comprise the lateral condyle of the tibia, the middle tibiofibular ligament, the frontal surface of the fibula, and the crural intermuscular septum.

2.2 Insertion

The tendon of the extensor digitorum longus muscle passes below the superior extensor retinaculum and inferior on the lateral side of the ankle joint to the foot. Here, it spreads into the dorsal aponeurosis of the 2nd to 5th toes and merges into it.

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3 Innervation

The innervation is provided by the deep peroneal nerve.

4 Function

The extensor digitorum longus muscle effects a dorsal extension of the foot and participates in the extension of the 2nd to 5th toe. Furthermore, it supports pronation.

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