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Extensor digitorum brevis muscle

from Latin: digitus - finger; extendere - to expand, to extend; brevis - short
Synonym: short toe extensor
German: Musculus extensor digitorum brevis

1 Definition

The extensor digitorum brevis muscle is a broad, thin muscle that counts among the extensor muscles of the back of the foot.

Note: Some authors regard the extensor halucis brevis muscle as a part of this muscle.

2 Devolution

2.1 Origin

The muscle has its origin at the cranial and lateral surface of the calcaneus - immediately in front of the sulcus that is formed by the tendon of the peroneus brevis muscle - and at the inferior retinaculum of the extensor muscles.

2.2 Insertion

The muscle draws diagonally across the back of the foot and ends in 3 tendons that insert into the dorsal aponeurosis of the toes II-IV.

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3 Innervation

The innervation of the extensor digitorum brevis muscle is provided by the deep peroneal nerve (segments: L5 and S1).

4 Function

The extensor digitorum brevis muscle is responsible for the dorsal flexion of the toes II-IV.

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