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German: Endokrinologie

1 Definition

Endocrinology is a scientific and clinical discipline that deals with hormones.

2 Fields of activity

Main foci of endocrinology are on the one hand investigation of hormonal signal transfer systems with genetical, molecular biological, biochemical, pharmacological, cybernetical and statistical methods, and on the other hand in the clinical setting diagnosis, therapy and prevention of hormonal diseases and disorders.

3 Taxonomy and classification

In clinical areas endocrinology is a subfield of internal medicine, gynecology, urology, pediatrics, nuclear medicine, and surgery. Furthermore, there are points of contact with neurology, psychiatry, and intensive care. In theory, physiology, biochemistry, medical cybernetics, and outside of medicine zoology and botanics deal with endocrinological questions.

Important subfields of endocrinology are diabtology, thyroidology, neuroendocrinology, pediatric endocrinology and reproductive endocrinology.

4 Common diseaes

5 Common diagnostic methods

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