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named after the Duke university in North Carolina
German: Duke-Kriterien

1 Definition

Together, the Duke-Criteria make up a highly sensitive, as well as specific diagnostics schematic. This schematic is used for making the clinical diagnosis of infectious endocarditis (IE).

2 Background

A definitive diagnosis can only be made through a histological verifaction of the presence of pathogens in heart valve vegetation or embolisations. This verification is only possible when a valve is explanted or post mortem. That is why in most cases one is limited to making a clinical diagnosis with the help of the Duke-Criteria. This is often not fully satisfying, which is why these criteria are often discussed and subsequently modified.

3 Major Criteria

4 Minor Criteria

5 Classification

  • It is definitely considered to be an endocarditis when:
    • 2 Major criteria are satisfied
    • 1 Major criteria and 3 minor criteria are satisfied
    • 5 minor criteria are satisfied
  • It is likely to be the case of an endocarditis when:
    • Major and minor criteria are present, however they do not fulfill the previously stated criteria completely.

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