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Descending colon

Synonym: Colon descendens
German: Colon descendens

1 Definition

The descending colon is the part of the colon which lies between the splenic flexure (flexura coli sinistra) and the colon sigmoideum.

2 Anatomy

The descending colon runs from the left regio hypochondriaca through the regio lumbalis in a caudal direction and there passes the lateral edge of the left kidney. At the lower renal pole it turns slightly medially to the lateral edge of the psoas major. It is followed by the descending colon up to the crista iliaca, where it merges into the sigmoid colon.

The descending colon lies - in contrast to the colon transversum and sigmoid colon colon sigmoideum - in a secondary position retroperitoneal. Its rear face is connected via areolar connective tissue to the kidney, as well as the aponeuroses of the musculus quadratus lumborum and the musculus transversus abdominis.

The section diameter of the descending colon is smaller than that of the ascending colon.

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