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1 Definition

  • Patient care: same as adherence: “consistency and accuracy with which a patient follows the regimen prescribed by a physician or other health professionalâ€?

  • Physics: “a measure of distensibility of a chamber in volume per unit change in pressureâ€?

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2 ….with Prescribed Medicine

Compliance with prescribed medicine is around 50%

  • Problems with regimen (for example adverse effects, complexity of regimen, etc)
  • Poor instructions
  • Poor provider-patient relationship
  • Poor memory (“forget to take itâ€?)
  • Patient’s disagreement with need for treatment or inability to pay for it
  • Making care for patient more convenient
  • Give material information (specific to the patient’s need and concern) & counseling
  • Reminders
  • Self-monitoring
  • Reinforcement
  • Family therapy
  • Psychological therapy
  • Crisis intervention,
  • Manual telephone follow-up
  • Other forms of additional supervision or attention.

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3 The Critical Issue is: Good Provider-Patient relationship

--> Teamwork, patient feels part of team --> takes ownership of health What is needed? Good communication skills! Patient centeredness!

Doctor’s role: Provider of expert information and advice, acting often as facilitator

Interesting Research Finding: Telling patients about potential adverse effects of medication did not affect the use of the medication

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4 Research Standard

Adherence is to be judged by clinical benefit, not simply by effects on adherence rates

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  • Antibiotic prescribed: 1 Tablet QID (4 times a day) for 1 week
  • But patient takes only 1 Tablet BD (twice a day) for 5 days,
  • The adherence would be 36% (10 / 28 = 36%).
  • (Source: 2)

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