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Synonyms: collateral vessel, vas collaterale
latin: cum(con) - together; latus - side
German: Kollaterale

1 Angiology - collateral vessel

Collateral vessels are arterial or venous side branches, which supply the same body region as the main branch (substitute flow path). If it comes to an occlusion or stenosis of the main vessel the collateral vessels function as bypassing or collateral circulation. The development of collateral vessels is stimulated by the lack of oxygen in the supply area or an impediment to the blood drain. The effect can be either positive (e.g. after myocardial infarction) or negative (e.g. portal hypertension).

2 Neurology - collateral fiber

In the field of neurology budding axons - especially in the vertebral column - can be described as collaterals which can form synapses with parallel aligned nerve fibers.


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