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Chest muscles

Synonym: pectoral musculature
German: Brustmuskulatur

1 Definition

The chest muscles is the set of skeletal muscles which are located in the anterior and lateral chest cavity (thorax).

2 Classification

Differentiation exists betwen the outer pectorals, which connect the ventral shoulder girdle with the torso, and the autochthonous pectoral muscles, which span across the ribs. The following muscles are assigned to these two groups:

2.1 External pectorals

2.2 Autochthonous pectorals

The autochthonous pectorals are also called intercostal musculature. These include:

3 Function

The autochthonous chest muscles are alongside the diaphragm the most important part of the respiratory musculature. They raise and lower the ribs, thus creating inspiration and expiration.

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