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Synonym: bronchus (plural: bronchi)
German: Bronchus

1 Definition

The bronchi are part of the airways. These are tubular structures in the lung that lead out from the trachea and transport the air to the alveoli.

2 Anatomy

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The trachea divides at its bifurcation into two main stems, from each of which emerge the other branches of the highly branched "bronchial tree" providing ventilation of the right and left lung.

From the main trunks, there are two branches going the left and on the right side there are three lobar bronchi corresponding to the lung segments later dividing further into the segment and lobar bronchi.

The hierarchy of the bronchial trees is broken down as follows:

3 Histology

Histologically, the bronchial walls are characterised by multi-row respiratory ciliated epithelium, glands (glandulae bronchial) and goblet cells, endocrine cells and cartilage in the larger bronchi.

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