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Body region

Synonym: Regio corporis
German: Körperregion

1 Definition

The body regions, latin: Regiones corporis, devide the body into various anatomic districts which can be projected by the shape of planes onto the body surface. They simplify the rough topographical classification of anatomical structures related to the entirety of the organism.

2 Anatomy

The human body is roughly apportionable into five big regions: head, neck, torso, upper extremity and lower extremity. The topographic anatomy subdivides this regions further into smaller subregions (see chart below).

3 Classification

Body regions (extract)
Regio frontalis Regio occipitalis Regio parietalis
Regio auricularis Regio zygomatica Regio temporalis
Regio nasalis Regio orbitalis Regio infraorbitalis
Regio buccalis Regio parotideomasseterica Regio mastoidea
Regio mentalis Regio oralis
Regio cervicalis anterior Regio cervicalis posterior Regio cervicalis lateralis
Regio sternocleidomastoidea  
Upper extremity
Regio brachialis anterior Regio brachialis posterior Regio cubitalis anterior
Regio cubitalis posterior Regio antebrachii anterior Regio antebrachii posterior
Regio palmaris Regio dorsalis manus Regio carpalis anterior
Regio carpalis posterior  
Regio infraclavicularis Regio suprascapularis Regio deltoidea
Regio scapularis Regio interscapularis Regio infrascapularis
Regio praesternalis Regio inframammaria Regio pectoralis
Regio axillaris Regio hypochondriaca Regio epigastrica
Regio umbilicalis Regio vertebralis Regio lumbalis
Regio inguinalis Regio abdominalis lateralis Regio pubica
Regio anogenitalis Regio sacralis Regio analis
Regio perinealis Regio urogenitalis  
Lower extremity
Regio glutealis Regio subinguinalis Regio femoris anterior
Regio femoris posterior Regio cruris anterior Regio cruris posterior
Regio retromalleolaris medialis Regio retromalleolaris lateralis Regio calcanea
Regio dorsalis pedis Regio plantaris pedis  

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