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Abdominal muscles

German: Bauchmuskulatur

1 Definition

The abdominal muscles make up skeletal musculature located in the abdominal wall and in the deep abdomen region.

2 Classification

The abdominal muscles are divided into superficial and deep abdominal muscles. The superficial abdominal muscles are anteriorly located and external to the abdominal cavity of the trunk wall. The deep abdominal muscles is located in front of the spine.

2.1 Superficial abdominal muscles

The superficial abdominal muscles (also called "abdominal wall musculature") is divided into a lateral group and a front group of muscles.

2.2 Deep abdominal muscles

Note: The iliopsoas muscle is not considered by all authors to be an abdominal muscle.

3 Arrangement of the superficial abdominal muscles

The wide lateral abdominal muscles merge into extensive aponeuroses in the median plane direction and intertwine thereafter in the median plane. This creates the linea alba, a stretch of connective tissue reaching from the xiphoid process (xiphoid) of the sternum up to pubic symphysis.

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