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AT1-receptor antagonist

Synonyms: Sartan, angiotensin II receptor antagonist, angiotensin receptor blocker
German: AT1-Rezeptorantagonist

1 Definition

AT1-receptor antagonists (AT = angiotensin) or "sartans" belong to the group of antihypertensives. Just like ACE inhibitors, they interfere with the renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system (RAAS).

2 Substances

Typical representatives of this group of drugs are:

3 Mechanism of action

AT1-receptor antagonists are competitive inhibitors that selectively affect AT1-receptors, thus antagonizing the cardiovascular effects of angiotensin II

4 Indications

5 Side effects

Frequent side effects are headache, dizziness and fatigue, followed by coughing and orthostatic complaints. A less common side effect with AT1-receptor antagonists is a so-called angioneurotic edema (Quinke's disease).

6 Contraindications

The following contraindications apply to AT1-receptor antagonists:

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