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Night sweat

German: Nachtschweiß

1 Definition

The term night sweat describes an unphysiologically excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) during bed rest. Night sweat is classified under general symptoms.

ICD10 Code: R61.9

2 Symptoms

The characteristics of night sweat can widely differ and ranges from a continuous film of sweat on the skin to a drenching of the bedclothes. Intensive night sweat frequently leads to sleep disturbances, since the patient wakes up due to sweating during the night.

3 Causes

Night sweat has various causes. Among others, the main causes are:

Night sweat that cannot be attributed to any cause is called idiopathic night sweat.

4 Therapy

The therapy is based on the triggering cause, which might be difficult to find sometimes in the absence of additional symptoms.

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