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Body donation

German: Körperspende

1 Definition

The body donation designates the voluntary provision of the own body after it's death for scientific purposes. A person which agrees to the body donation is called a body donor.

2 Legal basis (Germany)

Unlike in the field of transplantation medicine, the body donation is not restricted by the federal law. The legal basis can rather be found in burial laws respectively by laws related to the autopsy of the single federal states. Accordingly, the authority of determination of the own corpse is not limited by choosing between common ways of a funeral, but includes the order to offer the body to an anatomical institute for scientific purposes. The declaration of intent concering the body donation is put into writing in a body donation order, which may be cancelled any time without any reasons or respite. Corresponding templates are provided by the anatomical institutes.

2.1 Application

The donated corpse can be utilized for various purposes, for example:

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